Birthday Treat

Remember in grade school when your birthday rolled around you got to bring in treats for the class - popsicles, cupcakes, cookies...mmm.

Well I never got to do that. 'Cause of my sucky summer birthday I never got to be the hero for bringing sweets to class.

So to make up for that lost childhood dream I brought cookies into work today. Yes it is my birthday! Happy Birthday me!

cheesecake cookies

I found this delicious recipe on Tasty Kitchen, Pioneer Woman's new cyber venture. It's a place for home cooks to share their recipes, check it out. And, if you haven't, you should check out PW's blog. She's very funny and has great stories, pictures, recipes, and giveaways.

These are Cheesecake Cookies from the kitchen of countrycookingmama. The recipe calls for a block of cream cheese which leaves these cookies moist and tasty. I made them last night and they were very delicious right out of the oven! And still great the next day.My co-workers loved them.

I posted my guac recipe on Tasty Kitchen a few weeks ago. If you want to find me there my username is Marn

Have a great weekend!

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