I have a pain in my shoulder and its making my neck and arm hurt.
My eyeballs feel like raisins.
I'm getting a cold.

I need:
  • a neck brace
  • a sling for my left arm
  • cold medicine
  • eye drops
  • cough drops
  • gum drops Nevermind, I don't like how they get caught in my teeth
  • chicken noodle soup, chicken noodle soup wit a soda on the side
  • emergen-c

If you could pick all that up for me that'd be great.

Oh and I'm out of TP.



Burnished leaves

Burnished Leaves

The Pattern: Burnished Leaves Cowl by Chrissy Prange Find the Pattern on Raverly
The Yarn: most of a skein of Sundara Aran Silky Merino in Tulip
Needle size: 6 (I think, but possibly a 5 - sorry!)

Started: 10/20
Finished: 10/28

You may remember this yarn from my lightside cowl. Well except for the pictures I never actually wore it :)
I never wear my promenade cowl either. So I've come to the conclusion that cowls are just not my thing.

However when stalking my swap partner I discovered that she had fav'd several cowls and her swap questionnaire said she liked pink. Somehow giving her a cowl I made for myself and never wore just didn't feel right. It felt like I was regifting...a gift i gave myself. So I frogged the lightside cowl and found burnished leaves, which seemed appropriate for a 'harvest' swap.

It was a quick knit and came out pretty nice. And I love this yarn, very soft and shiny.


The Harvest of Zen Swap: The End

Here are the packages from the last part of the latest swap from the yoga swap group.

Again I sent knitsandbricks a package and received one from Heatherdox.

Heres what I sent knitsandbricks:

for knitsandbricks

Project bag (aka Paperchase cosmetics bag), Toe socks, the fall issue of Interweave Knits, Burnished Leaves Cowl, Berroco Alpaca yarn, bent tip needles, yarn cutter, notecards with the design from my August calendar, and stitch markers.

stitch markers

Here's a close up of the stitch markers. They were made out of these really pretty agate beads that I got at M&J Trimmings

burnished leaves cowl

Since this was the 'Harvest' swap I thought that the Burnished Leaves Cowl was appropriate. Details on the cowl to come.

This is the second package I got from heatherdox:

from heatherdox

Lulemon bag, aluminum water bottle, issue of Knit Scene, green tea, Brooks Farms Solo Silk Yarn, and homemade pumpkin bread. The pumpkin bread was really delicious and made from organic ingredients.

Harvest Shetland Triangle

And I loved the yarn so much I used it right away to make a Shetland Triangle for myself.


December Holly

Ok here is the revised December calendar.

Created with Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign

Uhh, it turned out pretty different. I have been trying to alternate between illustrated flowers and more graphic representations, so this month would have been an illustrated version. I just couldn't get the holly to look right. So I abandoned it and went for the graphic version. It is a pattern of white holly leaf shapes that criss-cross forming round red shapes aka holly berries.

Click here to download the half page size .
Or click here to download the quarter page size .

The previous version is still available.


December ?

This months calendar didn't turn out as planned. Here it is:

Created with Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign

Kind of snowflakey, but I want to add the flower/plant for the month to it. I just wasn't happy with how the first round of holly was turning out. I won't have time to fix it until this weekend and I didn't want to completely ignore it. So consider this a temporary solution until I have time to revamp it. Thanks!

Click here to download the half page size .
Or click here to download the quarter page size .

Check back Sunday for the new and improved version.


Harvest Shetland Triangle

Happy Thanksgiving!
I thought I'd share my new Shetland Triangle, because it is such a lovely fall color.

Harvest Shetland Triangle

The Pattern: Shetland Triangle by Evelyn A. Clark Find the Pattern on Raverly
The Yarn: 1 skein of Brooks Farms Solo Silk in Sierra
Needle size: 6

Started: 11/6
Finished: 11/14

Harvest Shetland Triangle

I had to make another Shetland Triangle since I could keep the first one. The pattern is so easy and quick. And it looks great. I did 10 repeats of body chart and was left with less than a fistful of yarn.

Harvest Shetland Triangle

I really like the solo silk. It is shiny and soft. It was a gift from my swap partner (more info to come). The color is a wonderful orange with hints of pink. Perfect Thanksgiving day wear. Thanks Heatherdox!


Rani Satchel

Rani Satchel

The Pattern: Rani by Katherine Matthews Find the Pattern on Raverly
The Yarn: Knit Picks Palette in Berry Blast (this is my kool-aid dyed yarn)approx. 1/4 of a skein
Needle size: 0

Started: 9/11
Finished: 9/27

Rani by Katherine MatthewsPattern & images © 2009 Katherine Matthews of Purl Diving. Contact Katherine

When I saw this pattern on the Knitty website I fell in love with the pictures. The colors and bead work are really beautiful. I'm not really a wristband wear'in girl, but I just had to knit this pattern.

So I decided to turn this into a bag. Red makes me think of fall leaves and I had extra yarn and beads from the entomology I'm working on. So I thought this would be a perfect peice to make for my fall swap partner.

Rani Satchel

I knit the pattern exactly as directed, using a crocheted provisional cast on. Once I'd joined both edges I had one wristband.

Rani Satchel

I chose one of the openings to be the bottom. Then using 4 dpns I picked up a stitch in every other row. I think it was 56 stitches in all, 14 per dpn. Knit one row. On the next row knit 12 sts then k2tog, you should have 13sts on each dpn now. Repeat these two rows about 7 more times (16 rows in all). Break the yarn and thread through the remaining sts, pulling the opening closed. Weave in ends.

Rani Satchel

The finishing touch is a ribbon threaded through the top part of the bag. The finished size was big enough to hold a candle that was 2 3/4" in diameter.

Overall I'm pleased. If I make this pattern again I'm going to use a contrasting bead color like in the designer's pictures.


There is always Christmas

I know, I know.
I already have a set of interchangeables.
They work great.
There are nine sizes of needle tips.
I definitely don't need anymore needles.

They came with four cables in two different sizes.
They came with a case.
They were cheap.
Definitely don't need any other needles.

But Christmas IS coming.
Christmas gifts are all about what you want.

And I WANT these:

for knitsandbricks

WEBS interchangeable needle set.

Basic features:
  • 9 sets of hard bamboo needle tips
  • 12 cables in 3 different lengths (16", 24", & 32") and two different diameters (thick and thin)
  • 2 adaptors (thick and thin) that can be used to connect the cables for lengths up to 64"
  • 4 knobs/end caps in case you want to use the same needle size for another project
  • Needle gauge with cutter
  • And one really delicious looking silk needle case

The advantages over my current set of KP interchangables are:
  • A really pretty silk case
  • cables that you can connect to each other, yeAH!
  • Bamboo needle tips. I don't like the multicolored KP harmony tips, I'm a plain old boring bamboo girl.
  • The pretty silk case
  • The sizes are printed on the needle tips. I continually get confused with my unlabeled nickel plated KP tips

The disadvantages:
  • Tips aren't as pointy
  • more expensive

Ok so clearly the case is a major reason why I like this set. Just wave something pretty in my face and I'll snatch it up. But seriously, the set has some great features.

I haven't been able to find a review from an official source yet, but there are a couple positive customer reviews on the product page. And the ladies from the All things WEBS group on ravelry have said good things about this set.

Find this set at WEBS
You can also read more at WEBS blog


The Harvest of Zen Swap: the teaser

I just finished up the fall swap with my yoga swap group.

This swap was a bit different. We did a round robin this time, so instead of having one partner we had two. One that would send us a package and one that we would send a package to. We also sent two packages this time. One smaller, teaser package at the end of September and then a larger package at the end of October.

I sent knitsandbricks this for her teaser package:

for knitsandbricks

The journal and red bag are handmade. The basket represents 'Harvest' and the red bag holds a candle representing 'Zen'

Brown Diamond Journal

I really like how the journal turned out. The brown diamond fabric worked well and the red end papers add an element of surprise.

This is what I got from heatherdox:

from heatherdox

A really great project bag, measuring tape, and leather organizer things. I love the birds printed on the project bag.



Nov Mums Calendar

Here is the November calendar. The colors this month make me think of fall and Thanksgiving.

Created with Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign

Click here to download the half page size .
Or click here to download the quarter page size .

Check back the first of every month for the new calendar.


Calendula revised A.K.A Marni is estupido

Today I realized that I mis-numbered the October calendar. Of course there is only one day of the month left.
I know countless readers are collecting my calendars each month, so for anyone who is interested here are the revised calendars:
Half Page
Quarter Page



Finally finished the October calendar. I got a late start on this and then I lost the file I was working on! So I had to start over. Apologies for the lateness.

Oct Calendula Calendar
Created with Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign

This month there are two sizes available: 4.5" x 5.5" and 5.5" x 7"ish
Click here to download the larger size .
Or click here to download the smaller size .

Check back the first of every month for the new calendar.


Morning Glory

Here is the calendar for September. Enjoy.

Sept Morning Glory Calendar
Created with Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign

Sept Morning Glory Calendar

Download a printable copy here.

Check back the first of every month for the new calendar page.



I've been bad. I haven't posted in a looong time. I slacked off after my birthday. Then a week later when I was ready to write I realized I'd sent my camera with J on a 10-day trip. And what's a post without pictures?

So I'm excited to finally show off my new knitting storage.

First up, my new project bag:

Skull case

Made of vinyl, very sturdy and resistant to needle punctures. The plastickiness (very technical textile term) protects it from water and makes it easy to wipe off any spills.

Skull case

Technically its a pencil case made by Paperchase and found at Borders Bookstore for $6.99. But at 12" x 5 7/8" (30cm x 15cm) it is the perfect size for a small knitting project. And I couldn't resist the skull pattern. Creepy cute and colorful.

Paperchase bags

There were many other tempting pencil cases available. Perfect for projects, dpns, and other knitting items. With a sigh of regret I had to leave them behind for another day.

Next up, my knitting caddy:

Knitting Caddy

This is a clear vinyl case with a metal frame and outer pockets. There's plenty of room to shove all sort of stuff. I was able to cram my needle case, a book, stitch markers, beads, tape measures, highlighter tape, miscellaneous items, and lamby into it with room to spare!

Knitting Caddy

I love that it stands up on its own. It also folds down flat for easy storage and you can unsnap the vinyl case from the frame if you wish.

Knitting Caddy

My Mother-in-law gave this to me for my B-day, I think she found it at a local knitting store in the Chicago area. Its about 10 1/2" wide by 6" tall and 5" or 6" deep. I couldn't figure out the brand. I'll have to see if she knows.

Lastly, the Option Needle Tip Stand:

Options Needle Tip Stand

Ok so I don't actually own this. I saw it in the newest Knit Picks catalog and now covet it. This is definately a want, not a need. I already have storage for my needle tips. And I don't know why I want to put my needle tips on display. BUT. I. DOO!

And its only $9.99

This is one for the wish list. Sigh...


Birthday Treat

Remember in grade school when your birthday rolled around you got to bring in treats for the class - popsicles, cupcakes, cookies...mmm.

Well I never got to do that. 'Cause of my sucky summer birthday I never got to be the hero for bringing sweets to class.

So to make up for that lost childhood dream I brought cookies into work today. Yes it is my birthday! Happy Birthday me!

cheesecake cookies

I found this delicious recipe on Tasty Kitchen, Pioneer Woman's new cyber venture. It's a place for home cooks to share their recipes, check it out. And, if you haven't, you should check out PW's blog. She's very funny and has great stories, pictures, recipes, and giveaways.

These are Cheesecake Cookies from the kitchen of countrycookingmama. The recipe calls for a block of cream cheese which leaves these cookies moist and tasty. I made them last night and they were very delicious right out of the oven! And still great the next day.My co-workers loved them.

I posted my guac recipe on Tasty Kitchen a few weeks ago. If you want to find me there my username is Marn

Have a great weekend!


Poppies and Peridot

August Poppies Calendar
Created with Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign

Recently, I decided that I would start making calendar pages. And since my birthday is this month, I thought I'd start with August.

August Poppies Calendar

Download a printable copy here.

Check back the first of every month for the new calendar page.


Northeasterly reflections

Now that we are halfway through South (the 3rd cardinal direction) I thought I'd circle back and review PS North and PS East.

Color: Green
Material: Stones/Gems/Rocks
Season: Winter
Element: Earth

1. Marn's Guac, 2. Inga, 3. Shetland Triangle, 4. Inga, 5. Shetland Triangle, 6. Marn's Guac, 7. Shetland Triangle, 8. Marn's Guac, 9. Sounds of Spring Yoga Swap

Color: Yellow
Material: Wood
Season: Spring
Element: Air

1. Lightside Cowl, 2. skulls2, 3. Darcy, 4. Darcy, 5. Sounds of Spring Yoga Swap, 6. sundary_aran, 7. stonemarkers2, 8. Lightside Cowl, 9. Darcy


Cold blooded


Mustardy Darcy

Well here is what I think I did.

Mrs. Darcy

The Pattern: Mrs. Darcy by Mary Weaver Find the Pattern on Raverly
The Yarn: Knit Picks City Tweed Heavy Worsted in Lemon Curd

just a little over 4 skeins
Needle size: 9

Started: 6/13
Finished: 6/21

Mrs. Darcy

Body: I hate hate HATE seaming. So I decided to knit the front panels and the back panels together. I cast on 138 sts, placing markers after the first 35 sts and before the last 35 sts. Then worked as one piece until I got to the armholes.

Mrs. Darcy

Armholes: On the RS row knit across until you get to the last four sts before the first marker. BO 8 sts. Continue knitting until you get to the last 4 sts before the marker BO 8 sts. Now the two front panels and the back panel are separated. Using 3 separate balls of yarn continue to knit the 3 pieces at the same time like you would when knitting socks two at a time.

Mrs. Darcy

Shoulders: Leaving the 3 garter trim stitches on each side live, I used a kitchener stitch to join the front panels to the back panels at the shoulder.

Mrs. Darcy

Neck: I wanted the garter trim to continue around the neck. So starting with the 3 garter trim stitch on the left panel, I continued the garter trim while joining it to the neck using a saddle stitch.
On WS: K2, k2tog (last stich of the garter with one stitch from the back panel).
On RS: slip one st from the back panel onto the left needle wyib. K2tog, k2
continue until all of the back panel sts are used.
Then using a kitchener stitch connect with the right panel garter detail.

Mrs. Darcy

The buttons I got are from M&J Trimmings in midtown. They have a large selection of all sorts of beads, ribbons, lace, buttons, etc. I choose blonde unfinished wooden buttons. Oh and I made 5 button holes instead of 3. For spacing I separated each by three garter ridges.

Mrs. Darcy