The Harvest of Zen Swap: the teaser

I just finished up the fall swap with my yoga swap group.

This swap was a bit different. We did a round robin this time, so instead of having one partner we had two. One that would send us a package and one that we would send a package to. We also sent two packages this time. One smaller, teaser package at the end of September and then a larger package at the end of October.

I sent knitsandbricks this for her teaser package:

for knitsandbricks

The journal and red bag are handmade. The basket represents 'Harvest' and the red bag holds a candle representing 'Zen'

Brown Diamond Journal

I really like how the journal turned out. The brown diamond fabric worked well and the red end papers add an element of surprise.

This is what I got from heatherdox:

from heatherdox

A really great project bag, measuring tape, and leather organizer things. I love the birds printed on the project bag.

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