I have a pain in my shoulder and its making my neck and arm hurt.
My eyeballs feel like raisins.
I'm getting a cold.

I need:
  • a neck brace
  • a sling for my left arm
  • cold medicine
  • eye drops
  • cough drops
  • gum drops Nevermind, I don't like how they get caught in my teeth
  • chicken noodle soup, chicken noodle soup wit a soda on the side
  • emergen-c

If you could pick all that up for me that'd be great.

Oh and I'm out of TP.



Burnished leaves

Burnished Leaves

The Pattern: Burnished Leaves Cowl by Chrissy Prange Find the Pattern on Raverly
The Yarn: most of a skein of Sundara Aran Silky Merino in Tulip
Needle size: 6 (I think, but possibly a 5 - sorry!)

Started: 10/20
Finished: 10/28

You may remember this yarn from my lightside cowl. Well except for the pictures I never actually wore it :)
I never wear my promenade cowl either. So I've come to the conclusion that cowls are just not my thing.

However when stalking my swap partner I discovered that she had fav'd several cowls and her swap questionnaire said she liked pink. Somehow giving her a cowl I made for myself and never wore just didn't feel right. It felt like I was regifting...a gift i gave myself. So I frogged the lightside cowl and found burnished leaves, which seemed appropriate for a 'harvest' swap.

It was a quick knit and came out pretty nice. And I love this yarn, very soft and shiny.


The Harvest of Zen Swap: The End

Here are the packages from the last part of the latest swap from the yoga swap group.

Again I sent knitsandbricks a package and received one from Heatherdox.

Heres what I sent knitsandbricks:

for knitsandbricks

Project bag (aka Paperchase cosmetics bag), Toe socks, the fall issue of Interweave Knits, Burnished Leaves Cowl, Berroco Alpaca yarn, bent tip needles, yarn cutter, notecards with the design from my August calendar, and stitch markers.

stitch markers

Here's a close up of the stitch markers. They were made out of these really pretty agate beads that I got at M&J Trimmings

burnished leaves cowl

Since this was the 'Harvest' swap I thought that the Burnished Leaves Cowl was appropriate. Details on the cowl to come.

This is the second package I got from heatherdox:

from heatherdox

Lulemon bag, aluminum water bottle, issue of Knit Scene, green tea, Brooks Farms Solo Silk Yarn, and homemade pumpkin bread. The pumpkin bread was really delicious and made from organic ingredients.

Harvest Shetland Triangle

And I loved the yarn so much I used it right away to make a Shetland Triangle for myself.


December Holly

Ok here is the revised December calendar.

Created with Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign

Uhh, it turned out pretty different. I have been trying to alternate between illustrated flowers and more graphic representations, so this month would have been an illustrated version. I just couldn't get the holly to look right. So I abandoned it and went for the graphic version. It is a pattern of white holly leaf shapes that criss-cross forming round red shapes aka holly berries.

Click here to download the half page size .
Or click here to download the quarter page size .

The previous version is still available.


December ?

This months calendar didn't turn out as planned. Here it is:

Created with Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign

Kind of snowflakey, but I want to add the flower/plant for the month to it. I just wasn't happy with how the first round of holly was turning out. I won't have time to fix it until this weekend and I didn't want to completely ignore it. So consider this a temporary solution until I have time to revamp it. Thanks!

Click here to download the half page size .
Or click here to download the quarter page size .

Check back Sunday for the new and improved version.