There is always Christmas

I know, I know.
I already have a set of interchangeables.
They work great.
There are nine sizes of needle tips.
I definitely don't need anymore needles.

They came with four cables in two different sizes.
They came with a case.
They were cheap.
Definitely don't need any other needles.

But Christmas IS coming.
Christmas gifts are all about what you want.

And I WANT these:

for knitsandbricks

WEBS interchangeable needle set.

Basic features:
  • 9 sets of hard bamboo needle tips
  • 12 cables in 3 different lengths (16", 24", & 32") and two different diameters (thick and thin)
  • 2 adaptors (thick and thin) that can be used to connect the cables for lengths up to 64"
  • 4 knobs/end caps in case you want to use the same needle size for another project
  • Needle gauge with cutter
  • And one really delicious looking silk needle case

The advantages over my current set of KP interchangables are:
  • A really pretty silk case
  • cables that you can connect to each other, yeAH!
  • Bamboo needle tips. I don't like the multicolored KP harmony tips, I'm a plain old boring bamboo girl.
  • The pretty silk case
  • The sizes are printed on the needle tips. I continually get confused with my unlabeled nickel plated KP tips

The disadvantages:
  • Tips aren't as pointy
  • more expensive

Ok so clearly the case is a major reason why I like this set. Just wave something pretty in my face and I'll snatch it up. But seriously, the set has some great features.

I haven't been able to find a review from an official source yet, but there are a couple positive customer reviews on the product page. And the ladies from the All things WEBS group on ravelry have said good things about this set.

Find this set at WEBS
You can also read more at WEBS blog

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