Baby Kimono x2

Baby Kimonos
The Pattern: Garter Stitch Baby Kimono by Joji Locatelli Raverly Project Page
Size: 1-3 months
The Yarn: Rowan RYC Siena (153.0yds/139.9m) in Flounce (3 balls), Grasshopper (3 balls), and Frost (1 ball)
Needle size: US 4/3.5mm

Started: 7/6/11
Finished: 8/11/11

Quick knits made for these two cuties, our soon to be god-kids. Twins born to good friends of ours. The one with the smirk is Grant and Gabby is the angel on the right.

Grant and Gabby
I had a larger vertical gauge than was called for so I didn't do as many decreases along the neckline, so the necks ended up a little tight.

Baby Kimono in Flounce for Gabby
The edging is an applied I-cord.

Baby Kimono in Grasshopper for Grant
Overall they turned out pretty cute.

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