Towering Inga

My first Ugh!


The Pattern: The Inga Hat by Sheila Macdonald Find the Pattern on Raverly
The Yarn: Main Color Ella Rae Classic in White 01
     Contrast Color 1 Jo Sharp Classic DK Wool in Maple 911
     Contrast Color 2 Cascade 220 in Teal 9420
Needle size: 3 and 5

Started: 3/7
Finished: 6/14


This is my second colorwork project and my first try with more than 2.

I did have a little trouble managing the 3 colors. It is much easier when you only have to worry about 2 colors.

It was fun to watch the braided edge come together. However, there is a lot of twisting of the yarn. Don't worry though. the first half of the braid twists in one direction and the second half twist in the opposite direction. So if you just let it keep twisting it'll eventually work itself out.

If you're having trouble understanding the pattern instructions for the knitted braid here's a good link to help you out: Siskyou Knits


I changed the chart up a bit, because I wanted to bring more of the second contrasting color into the pattern. So I used the second contrasting color for the centers of the diamonds and the lines inbetween. I recolored the chart so that I'd remember to use the correct color. The colors wouldn't have meshed as well if I didn't bring more of the teal in.


Things I love about Inga:
·The color combination. I really like the teal and maple combo, I think it looks really delicious and they really pop against the white background.
·The diamond design, I like the intricate look.
·The braided edge. Cool technique and I like how it turned out.

The ONE thing I HATE about how Inga is her size. She's ridiculously tall!

This is clearly my fault, because everyone else's Inga's seem to be the right height. Yet mine towers above. I suspect I should have paid more attention to the height of my gauge. I do confess, I didn't swatch for this.

I plan to go back and fix her. Eliminating half a a diamond should bring it down to the right height, but for now I'm shelving Inga. In the back of my closet. So I don't have to look at her. Because I'm frustrated.


  1. I agree that you must take the time to fix it because that color combo is just gorgeous!

    Selkie on Ravelry

  2. Totally understand the frustration, but WOW what a fantastic piece of knitting!

  3. Thanks Selkie and Ilix! I'll definately be revisiting Inga.