Little Knits

I am constantly adding baby and kid knits to my RavQ, they are just so cute! Luckily my oldest sister has two daughters, Megan (2yr 8mo) and Anna (10mo):

Perfect recipients for all of the little items I dream of knitting. For Christmas I decided to knit them sweaters. I decided this on December 1st. This left me 24 days to choose a pattern, find and purchase yarn, and knit two sweaters while working full-time and going to night school. Not ambitious at all.

The Pattern: Duck Soup by Anny Purls Find the Pattern on Raverly
The Yarn: Jeanne purchased from WEBS yarn.com

Anna’s Duck Soup See it on Raverly
Anna’s Duck Soup
Color: 24 Lilac
Size: 18 months
Needle size: 10

Megan’s Duck Soup See it on Raverly
Megan’s Duck Soup
Color: 29 Pale Brick
Size: 2/3 yr (see below for details)
Needle size: 9

This is a great pattern. Very fast to knit, Anna’s sweater (w/o the closures) only took me one week and Megan’s a mere 4 days. Of course I was knitting every second of my free time. By the end of this my hands felt like little claws, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to straighten my fingers again!

The part I found most time consuming was making the i-cord buttons and loops. I felt like the i-cords would never end. Of course you don’t have to make i-cord buttons and loops, you could add button holes and use regular buttons or put in a zipper, but I’m in love the look of the i-cords.

I followed Anny’s instructions almost exactly as-is, including using her favorite type of increase: “knit into the back of the stitch in the row below the next stitch". It has now become my favorite type of increase as well. The only adjustment I made was to knit Megan’s sweater in the 4/5 size using size 9 needles resulting in a 2/3 size.

This is the only Anny Purls pattern I’ve knit, but she has more including a few free patterns. Check out her website at jujubeandlolo.com.

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