I had this new year's resolution:
I will not buy any new yarn without a specific pattern in mind.

My first slip was January 31 when I bought this:

Noro Kureyon Sock Color #164
I was at Knit NY purchasing yarn for my yoga winter solstice swapSee it on Raverly project and it called to me from the sale bin. It wasn't until after I walked out of the shop that I realized I'd broken my new year's resolution. January wasn't even over yet! Well I couldn't turn around and return it right away, I'd look like a weirdo right? Anyway, one skein of yarn isn't that big of a deal.

Then not even two weeks later along comes this:

Well that would just be perfect for a cardigan right? Maybe I don't have a specific pattern in mind, but I still have a purpose: CARDIGAN.

Hmm I think I'll have to get this too:

I've always wanted to try bamboo and it's on sale! If I can just find a pattern to justify it: chevron scarf (or not, I'm still undecided). Well I better get it before its sold out right?

Oh wait what about this:

Jo Sharp DK Wool 356 Venice, 911 Maple, 910 Oak
I find the colors just yummy! Well there is only one skein of the Venice colorway left, I better call and see if I can add it to yesterday's order.

Finally the next day this color of the Gedifra Shetland DeLuxe became available again:

Gedifra Shetland De Luxe 9202 Charcoal Blue

Well I had to get it. It was the color that drew my attention to the Gedifra Shetland and I'd been kicking myself for not ordering quick enough after it first sold out.

So less than two months into the new year I'm 25 skeins heavier and $110 lighter, crappers.

Here're the stat's on the above yarns:

Purchased at LYS: Knit NY knitnewyork.com

Noro Kureyon Sock
Sock 100% wool
Colorway: 164

Purchase online: WEBS yarn.com

Gedifra Shetland De Luxe
Worsted 50% Wool/25% Baby Alpaca/25% Mohair
Colorway: 9293 Med Brown

Plymouth Royal Bamboo
Worsted 100% bamboo
Colorways (left to right): 01 Taupe, Blue, & Silver, 24 Blue

Jo Sharp DK Wool
DK 100% wool
Colorways (left to right): 356 Venice, 911 Maple, 910 Oak

Gedifra Shetland De Luxe
Worsted 50% Wool/25% Baby Alpaca/25% Mohair
Colorway: 9202 Charcoal Blue

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