KP interchangeables

KP Interchangables

I love my interchangeables! But they don't come without problems.

I got the nickel plated set. Spending the additional $10 for the wood just wasn't necessary for me.

  • Comes with two cable sizes
  • Cables have almost no memory
  • Smooth joins
  • Sharp needle points
  • Needle case included

  • Cables tend to pop out of metal bases
  • Nickel gets tarnished
  • Zipper pull on needle case is weak

KP Interchangables

I like the case that came with it, it has slots on the inside to put the needle tips in. The sizes aren't marked on the tips, but the board that they came attached to had the sizes printed on it so I cut it up and slid the pieces into the slots in the case and put the corresponding needle tips in the slot.

About 6 months after ordering the set the zipper pull on the case fell apart. I wasn't being rough with it, the metal just sort of crumbled. At first I wasn't going to do anything about it, but a few days later one of my cables detached from the metal screw base. This is a common problem with the KP interchangeables (I have also heard that the wooden needles also often come unglued from the metal bases). So I decided to call the customer service line 1-800-574-1323. KP was happy to replace both the cable and the needle case. And it only took about a week to get my replacements.

If you have any trouble with your set you should call customer service. In most cases they will replace the item. It is also important that they know about any quality issues so they can try to fix them.

$60 may seem like a lot of money to fork over at once, but it is worth it. Even with the problems.

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