Project Bags

If you're on a budget, buying bags to keep your knitting projects in probably isn't one of your highest priorities (personally I'd rather spend my money on yarn).

I use several different types of bags to keep my projects in.

One. Plastic shopping bags from Borders Bookstore.

Borders bag with Hexacomb Cardigan

I like these suckers because they are little. Most of the projects I knit are on the smaller side, so these bags work great. They are also a little thicker than a normal plastic grocery bag from say Key Food or Cub. The downside is that even though they are thicker than the average plastic shopping bag they are still easily punctured by knitting needles. They are also fairly noisy, which may seem like a strange complaint when it comes to bags for your knitting, but believe me the crackling and rustling can get really annoying. This one is housing my hexacomb cardigan.

Two. Club Wedd organizer from Target.

Club Wedd organizer with Endpaper Mitts

When you are planning a wedding you get a lot of junk. Over 6 months after my wedding I'm still get a ton of junk mail and e-mails advertising DJ's, planning services, and caterers. One of the nice things about the junk is that some of it is actually pretty good quality. Thicker papers (nice for collages), ribbons wrapped around the junk (all sorts of uses there), and little bags with samples or in this case registry info.
This bag is really great for small knitting projects. It is made of a thin yet durable material with a snap closure. It also has a strap. So I hang the bag on my arm with the yarn inside and the tail hanging out of the bag. It is great when knitting while waiting for the train.

Three. Hand sewn bags. I have two.

DIY Tote

I made this one from remnants I found at the fabric store (Pattern is the DIY Tote bag from Stitch and Bitch Handbook). I actually use this to keep all my little project bags together. J hates all of my bags so if I can combine them in a bigger one it makes it "look" like I have less :)

Knitting bag made by 3littlebirds

This one I got from my swap partner. It is currently housing the yarn I'm planning to use for the Coraline cardigan by Ysolda Teague.

Dragonfly Box Bag

I really want to try making one of these box bags as seen on DragoKnitFly's blog.

The things I love about handsewn bags are:
You can customize the size and color and it is another way to channel your creative energies.

Keep your eyes open and you can find some great storage options for you knitting. I've even used a package that came from J's underwear.

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