69 Meters and other public displays

69 Meters

Over the weekend I noticed this new addition to the parking meters in my neighborhood.

69 Meters

This is a part of the '69 Meters' art installation commissioned by the Montague Street Business Improvement District. Magda Sayeg, founder of Knitta Please, and 50 volunteers knit these colorful sleeves that are now covering all of Montague Street's parking meter poles.

69 Meters

Knitta Please is group of knitters from all over the world who display their knitting in public spaces, think of it like knitted graffiti.

69 Meters

Its kinda cool right? All these knitters comin together makin these tactile public displays.

Looking at this reminds me of Lacey Jane Roberts work.

Lacey Jane Roberts Pink Fence

I first read about her in the Winter '08 issue of Interweave Knits. She installed her Pink Fence peice in Clarion Alley located in San Francisco, California. Roberts stuff is pretty amazing, large works with very strong messages.

It also reminds me about the Knit Knot Tree. Which in looking it up again I've found that it was inspired by the Knitta group's work.

69 Meters Guide

To find out more about the '69 Meters' installation check out the Montague BID website or on Knitta Please.
You can also download a guide listing all of the knitters names and the location of their peice here

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