Knitting at Versaille
So what was I knitting during our trip?

Leyburn top view
Pattern: Leyburn by Pepperknit Find Pattern on Raverly
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino in Peacock, less than one skein
Needles: US 2

Started: April 1
Finished: April 25

Leyburn top view
This is my first 'pair' of socks. I have knit a sock before, but I never got around to knitting the second sock :) Apparently I don't like to knit the second halves of socks and mittens, because I still haven't knit my second druid mitten either.

I decided to knit Leyburn two at a time so I wouldn't lose interest before completing the pair. For those of your who've never knit two at a time, it just means that you cast on for both socks at the same time. Each sock uses a separate ball of yarn. Actually I didn't have two balls of yarn. So I just used the center pull of my ball and the end from the outside. Then as you work you alternate knitting each sock (one row for sock 1, then one row for sock 2). This helps make sure you knit the same amount of rows for both socks (two at a time is good for sleevs too). And it has the added benefit of avoiding running out of yarn on your second sock.

Leyburn toe
This is a toe up pattern. Instead of using the instructions provided I used Judy Becker's magic cast on. I also used Purlwise's short row heel instructions since I'd never done a short row heel before.

Leyburn baggy
They ended up being a little big. I should have used a sz1 needle. When I got to the leg I realized that they were going to be too baggy to stay up so I decided to make them ankle socks instead.

Leyburn sideview
For my first pair of socks I think they turned out well.

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