Birthday Bear

Birthday Bear

I've been waiting to blog about this since its a gift. This was intended to be a birthday gift for my youngest neice, Anna. But I was a little late on finishing it. So then I was going to send it for her baptism a couple weeks later, but since I decided go home this weekend I thought it could wait some more :)

Birthday Bear close up

The Pattern: Cashmere Teddy Bear by Erika Knight Find the Pattern on Raverly
The Yarn: Jo Sharp DK Wool in Oak 910 purchased from yarn.com
Needle size: 4

Started: April 18
Finished: May 3

Birthday Bear backside

I pretty much followed the pattern to a T. Except for the little heart I added to the butt.

Birthday Bear backside closeup

I thought it made it a bit more special and was extra cute. I think I may have stuffed him just a wee bit too much, whoops.

Birthday Bear peices

The bear is knit in seven peices (2 body/leg peices, 2 arms, 2 ears, and the head). There is a lot of seaming and I hate seaming. I'm just not good at hand sewing and its tedious. If I were to make this again I'd try to figure out how to modify it to combine some of the peices. I also wasn't thrilled with how the face seamed up, it doesn't look as polished as I'd like.

Birthday Bear and Kogepan

The plus side to this is that it is a pretty fast knit (minus the time for sewing all the peices together). And it is a great stash buster. I was able to use up a skein that had been rolling around in my knitting bag for a few months.

Overall I think he's pretty cute. My french knots and stuffing techniques could use some practice, but he's presentable.


  1. I love this little bear, particularly with the heart addition! He looks great. Where can I find the pattern? I am pretty much a beginner but would love to have a go! Sophie x