Handmade Memories

Last weekend J and I went to see Yeondoo Jung's Handmade Memories at the Tina Kim Gallery in Chelsea. The handmade aspect and the Korean origin piqued my interest in going to this show.

Barley Field, 2008

Jung interviewed six elderly Koreans he randomly met in parks around Seoul. Each interviewee answers the question 'What is the most memorable experience of your life?'
The work explores the minds of people who lived through the Japanese occupation of Korea (1910 – 1945) and the Korean War (1950 – 1953) and is a continuation of the artists investigation of the 'subjective instability of memory as well as the tenuous authenticity of mechanically-produced images'.

Barley Field, 2008

The installation was made up of three pairs of large flat screen TV's. One TV would air the interview, while the second TV aired the staged recreation of the memory being described.

Legend and Poverty, 2008

Often times in the beginning we weren't sure how the two images were connected. As the video progressed our minds would slowly develop a connection between the scene being constructed and the story being told by the interviewee.

If you're interested in going, you better hurry. The show ends this Satuday (March 28th).

Handmade Memories by Yeondoo Jung
Tina Kim Gallery
Chelsea Arts Tower
545 W.25th Street, 3rd Floor
Open Tues. – Sat. 10 am – 6 pm

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