Multi-Section Case-Binding

Multi-Section Case-Binding

For the Winter Solstice Yoga swap Find the Group on Raverly I decided to try my hand at multi-section case-binding.

Multi-Section Case-Binding

What is multi-section case-binding?
The multi-section binding is the king of binding structures and is one of the most recognizable. Its sewn and glued structure is strong and durable, making it suitable for binding an important book that needs to stand the test of time.

-Heather Weston

So basically it is the method most commonly used to construct hard cover books and journals.

Exposed Spines

To make my journals I used a combination of the instructions in Heather Weston's Bookcraft and a tutorial from Curiously Craft Blog.

Bookbinding supplies

Bookbinding supplies are available at your local art store. I bought most of mine from Utrecht. Another place to go is Talas. A bookbinding supply store I've been dying to go to, but unfortunately they have rather limited hours; 9-5:30 M-F (I'm usually at work then).

Bookbinding supplies

I got my paper and cardstock at Paper Presentation, which also had a number basic bookbinding supplies. I used the above flecked paper for the book block aka the pages.


I used a few different kinds of 80lb. cardstock for the endpapers.

Endpaper - French paper

I really liked the effect of this french paper, because it is patterned on both sides.


My fabric came from B&J Fabrics in midtown. I bought 3 different types:
Cotton shirting - the darker violet. I don't recommend using this. The fabric was too thin, so the glue bled through. I found a way to avoid the bleeding but it was a hassle.
Cotton twill - the lighter violet. Worked out ok but I preferred using...
Cotton Canvas - the damask print. It was the thickest, which I was actually concerned about. But it ended up being the easiest of the 3 to work with.

Check out TJ Bookarts to find more resources on bookbinding - that's how I found the Curiously Craft Blog

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  1. Neat stuff, just wish the pictures were bigger to see the name of the supply on display!