New tool

I am constantly peeling post-it notes off their pads and applying them to my knitting charts. It helps me keep track of which line I'm on (counting challenged me need all the help she can get). The only problem with post-it is that I can't see the previous line. So in order to tell if my stitches are matching up with the previous row I have to stop, peel back the post-it and peek underneath.

The solution? Highlighter tape

Highlighter Tape

Some ladies from the Sit N Knit group introduced me to this wonder. I can place a piece underneath the row I'm currently working on and still see the preceding rows.

Lace Ribbon Scarf with Highlighter Tape

And best of all it's removable! So I can stick one piece down, pull it off and move it up a row when I'm ready to move on.

Inga Hat with Highlighter Tape

Highlight tape where have you been all my life?

There are a lot of suppliers out there, but I got mine at Avid Aviator. 3 rolls for $6.50. With only $3 shipping it seems like the best deal.

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