Head Gear for Baby

I have yet to master teeny tiny socks and booties, so when a friend or family member is expecting I've been making hats.

Vine Lace Baby Hat

Pattern: 'Vine Lace Baby Hat' by Sandy Wiseheart Find Pattern on Raverly
Yarn: Misti Alpaca Sport in Black and Ivory and Reynolds Wash Day Wool in Red - less than half a ball of each.
Needles: US 3 DPNs

This is one of my favorite gifts to knit. It looks like it takes a lot of skill and time, but it is really really really easy. I've made this hat at least 4 times and each time the recipient(s) opened it they were thoroughly impressed. In fact upon hearing that it was a handknit one couple's looks of shock were so pronounced they could have been characters in a cartoon, jaws hanging on the floor.

One of these hats could easily be whipped up in a day. I've used a couple types of yarn. I really like how the alpaca turned out, because the fiber looks so soft and perfect for babies.

Reynold's Wash Day Wool

The other yarn I used is Reynold's Wash Day Wool. Sorry no pics of the hat, I blanked out and forgot to take any before giving it away. The Wash Day Wool is a superwash, so pretty hassle free for new mommies. But it doesn't have the soft, delicate look of the alpaca.

Here's another pattern I've knit for newcomers:

Umbilical Cord Hat

Pattern: 'Umbilical Cord Hat' by Jennifer L. Jones published in Stitch and Bitch Find Pattern on Raverly
Yarn: Plymouth Jeannee in Pale Brick - less than half a ball. Plymouth Jeannee in Lilac - a scrap will do.
Needles: US 7 24" Circ.

Started: February 10
Finished: February 11

This was another easy knit. I used some yarn left over from my Duck Soup sweaters.

Umbilical Cord Hat

I made a couple modifications. I shortened the i-cord on top and the body of the hat looked too plain, so I added an 'e' (for Elise).

Umbilical Cord Hat modeled by Elise

I attempted to crochet embroider the letter, but I didn't actually know what I was doing or bother to look up instructions. So I'm pretty sure I didn't correctly perform the technique.
Oh and I totally winged the letter form. Regardless of my inept embroidery skills it still turned out well.

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