Winter Solstice Yoga Swap Part 2

On the swap questionnaire 3littlebirds said she liked purple/lavender and since lavender is one of the colors of the crown chakra I decided to make that the theme of the package. So most of the items are some form of lavender or otherwise related to the crown chakra.

Here is the package I assembled for 3littlebirdsFind Person on Raverly:

Swap package for 3littlebirds
Back L - R:
Handmade Journal in Lavender
Magnets of yoga poses
ignore the white box and light lavender yarn. I was using the box to prop up the hat and the yarn to tie things together.
Chakra Hat
Tapestry needles

Front L - R:
Lavender take out box holding yarn and decorated with 2 stitchmarkers
Juniper scented candle - the scent is supposed to help open the crown chakra
Yoga Mat Spray Wash
Dr. Bronner’s Magic organic lip balm- orange & ginger and lemon lime
6 “fat quarters” of quilting fabric

Swap package for 3littlebirds closeup 1
I put the yarn inside this lavender takeout box so that it would match the color of the theme.
Tied to the handle are two stitch markers. I meant to make a set, but I was having trouble with the shrinky dink material. These two were the only ones that weren't too warped.

Yarn for 3littlebirds
Inside the take out box were two balls of Madil Eden Bamboo in RedFind Yarn on Raverly. I chose red because 3littlebirds said she also liked this color and I didn't want to overwhelm her with lavender.

Hat for 3littlebirds
I also knit this hat, the pattern isChakra by Alysa JoaquinFind Patternn on Raverly It is a representation of the crown chakra.

Journal for 3littlebirds
I also made this journal

I really glad that 3littlebirds was happy with the package.

Coming Soon details on the Chakra hat and making the journal.

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