Winter Solstice Yoga Swap Part 1

Back in January I joined the Winter Solstice Yoga Swap group Find the Group on Raverly on Rav and was paired with 3littlebirdsFind Person on Raverly

By lucky chance we both sent our packages out at the same time and received them yesterday.

Here's what I received:

Swap package from 3littlebirds

Swap package from 3littlebirds closeup1
Starting in the back left - front right:
Card with beautiful pic of Buddha
Knit Simple MagazineFind Magazine on Raverly
Quotable Magnet
Knit Picks Circ Needles
Tahitian Vanilla Hazelnut Tea

Swap package from 3littlebirds closeup2
Aluminum water bottle with copper finish and beautiful blue pattern
Chakra Workbook by Anna Voight
Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino in Peacock colorwayFind Yarn on Raverly

Swap package from 3littlebirds closeup3
Beautiful Italian Stationary

Swap package from 3littlebirds closeup4
Handmade items from 3littlebirds:
Amanda HatFind Pattern on Raverly
Bag perfect for knitting projects

Bag from 3littlebirds details1
I love the details on the bag. Look at the eyelets

Bag from 3littlebirds details2
And the bottom on the inside of the bag

Hat from 3littlebirds
Looks cute :)

This was my first swap and I loved it. We had from Dec. 15th to March 14th to assemble out packages, so there was plenty of time to get to know our swap buddies and to brainstorm about what to give them. 3littlebirds was a great partner and the package she gave me was really bright, colorful, and thoughful.

She even decorated the box my package came in:

Box from 3littlebirds

I had a lot of fun with the swap and I'll definately do another in the future.

Thanks 3little birds!

Coming soon the package I assmebled for 3littlebirds.

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